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    N2820 and DisplayPort - Blank Screen on Dell Monitor




      I have been trying to connect my new N2820 using the HDMI port to a Dell 2212HM monitor using an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. The monitor detects a signal, but nothing shows at all, tried 2 different adapters, and 2 different HDMI cables so far. I know the NUC is OK, as I can connect to my TV (direct via HDMI cable), and have installed Windows 8 on it.

      I am wondering if the NUC is picky about the adapter? Does anyone have theirs working with a particular HDMI-Displayport adapter? I looked but did not find one listed for this model under supported/tested peripherals.

      Big issue, as I need to configure the BIOS boot order. My TV does not support 1024 x 768 resolution, so I cannot access the BIOS to change this.