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    How to get resolutions beyond 1200 (vertical) on CRT/VGA monitors and 4600 graphics?




      I have a CRT monitor (Sony Multiscan E540), and a Gigabyte z87 motherboard with a 4770 CPU. When using integrated graphics (HD 4600) I have not been able to get resolutions beyond 1200 (vertical pixel count). I have tried several times the CustomModeApp included with the Intel drivers, but every time I try a resolution that goes beyond 1200 in the vertical end, the software tells me that "...bandwidth is beyond the capabilities of your monitor..."... which obviously is not correct, since when I use my ATI 4870 card, I can handle this monitor at 2048*1536 @ 60 and 66 Hz. I even tried another resolution: 1920x1440, which sometimes I use, and still this one cannot be achieved either with the CustomModeApp.


      How can I tell the Intel HD4600 driver that the monitor indeed supports these resolutions?