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    Display Driver Problem


      Hi guys, i am facing graphic related problem from weeks. I am getting a message "graphics driver has been stopped responding and recovered".I removed the graphics card and ran computer with the onboard intel hd graphics.. i faced no problem.. it was running fine, no hang nothing...but after 3days i tested with my frnd's graphics card.. the problem is back.. this time the machine freezes often , goes blank after some seconds... sometimes it comes back and says " Display driver has stopped responding and has been recovered" .. sometimes PC restarts and a screen apears which says(picture below)

      before that i did possible everything to fix, even formatted to win 8.1 and again roll back to win7. old driver, new driver, beta driver, etc.. even a cmd fix which was popular, replacing the old file through cmd.exe (the expanding thing).. but no result.. I ran the graphics card on my frnd's machine, Its running fine.. no issues with the card. Someone saying its a problem in the graphics card slot of the Motherboard. Is it? I am using intel Dh67cl