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    For Bios updates, one method says to copy the *.bio file the the storage disk and reboot. What are all the other files for then?


      The title pretty much says it all. You can iflash, do a recovery update, do the F7 bios flash update, etc. depending on what the Intel motherboard is compatible with or uses. The recovery and the F7 options say to copy the *.bio file to the disk. If that is all that is needed for the update during bootup, what are all the other files for? I have heard of loading dos, then entering autoexec.bat or iflash.exe or run.bat, etc. I guess I just don't understand the file structure. iflash works by itself under dos and the autoexec.bat runs the iflash if you type that. Run.bat operates an extraction. So I just don't understand why these files and other files exist if *.bio does it all.