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    NUC DE3815TYBE - Built-in GPS/GNSS??


      With Windows 8.1 Pro I am almost to the point where I have drivers for every single item in Hardware Manager. Much to my surprise, one of the items that came up is a Broadcom BCM GNSS 4752 Geolocation Sensor..


      Hey??!? That wasn't in the description of the DE3815TYBE anywhere, but it seems the chip is on the board. I actually found a driver to support it and through some fiddling got Windows to load it. It shows up as 'running properly'. So the question is, where is the RF or antenna connector for the chip?


      The very last unsupported item also seems to be a Broadcom chip. Reports itself as BCM 2E1A. Most I could find is a UART over BlueTooth. Hey again... Bluetooth onboard? Unfortunately no drivers anywhere in sight.


      So my questions: 1. Can I actually get GNSS/GPS to work on this NUC, and 2. What about Bluetooth on this board?