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    Please urgent help about flashing a graphic card with possible malware infection.


      My graphic card is 946gz and some time ago it lost several funcionalities(e.g. changing resolution on loading linux live cd-s) and also the pc itself  boots  windws xp with a strange delay with a blinking underscore showing up for more than a minute or even more.After several reinstalls of op.system I am sure that annoying losing of internet connection and desktop unresponsiveness are coused by some malware installed on pc hardware firmware or peripheral hardware firmware.At this point I just think to throw away all my pc equipment including monitor, printer usb sticks,wireless adaptor and start again from scratch but I would try to flash the graph.card bios(not system bios!-already done) before all that happens.I downloaded the necessary files from intel downl.site but now after I run the exe. file from dos cd (not windows command prompt)it doesn't give me the possibility to add the configuration file and the vbios data file to the installation process.So does somebody know what I have to type after I type the name of he executable file?Thanks!