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    Intel Motherboard DX58SO, Processor LED lights up RED


      I have successfully built several computers from scratch before, yet this one is giving me a lot of trouble.

      Using an out of the box:

      1- Intel DX58SO Motherboard, AA, E29331-501, S/N USS0841004WC

      2- Intel i7 920 Processor, 2.66GHz, S-Spec:SLBCH, MM# 900252, Socket 1366

      3- Corsair

      1333MHz, 9-9-9-24, 1.50V XMS3 Classic 6GB (3x2GB) TR3X6G1333C9

      4- ATI Radeon HD 4670Graphics Card

      5- Ultra X3 600 Watt Power Supply

      Upon the first assembly: the Processor LED and Voltage Regulator LED lit up RED and stayed Red until I shut it down after about a minute.

      After many different efforts I contacted intel support. We trouble shot it in many different ways and eventually he decided it may be a defective Motherboard and gave me an RMA # 1002064134-1. He said to try that (a new board) and if it still did not work you would work on replacing the CPU.


      Upon the second assembly: the processor LED lit up RED after 32 seconds and wavered a little for a few seconds (no beeps), stayed Red and the machine turned off automatically after another 159 seconds.


      I went through all the previous trouble shooting procedures to no avail. ie. Resetting the CPU, Starting it up with and without 3 sticks of memory (got 3 Beeps), Using only one memory stick, With and without the Graphics Card, With and without hard drives etc, etc.

      The CPU Fan is well situated with heat conduction grease that intel provided . Everything is working, all fans, the green HDD LED flashes.


      Please help

      I have read where a lot of people are having a lot of trouble with the marriage of this BOARD, CPU and CMOS