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    h87 raid5 write slow


      hi, I have a H87 board with chip and processor XEON 1220 V3+ 12GB DDR3 1600 V3 installed on a 64GB ssd, data on a  raid 5 5X 4TB RED CAVIAR. The read speed is good but the writing does not exceed 40MB. I have tried every COMBINATIONS with cache, without cache, with drain buffer ... what happens?

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          Hello JsGimenez, thank you very much for contacting us


          The read performance of a RAID 5 array is greater than that of a single drive because data can be read from multiple disks simultaneously. Disk writes do not realize the same benefit because parity must be calculated and written to all the drives.


          To enhance the write performance of RAID 5Intel® Rapid Storage software has implemented a RAID 5 volume write-back cache.


          The volume write-back cache allows writes to be buffered and improves coalescing. The cache is disabled by default, but can be enabled by the user through the Intel® Rapid Storage


          To enable the Write Cache of the RAID drive, you will need to access Device Manage and right click on "Disks" section.

          write back cache.JPG