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    disabling graphics cards


      im trying to play final fantasy 11,which is an MMORPG.my laptop is a Razor Blade Pro with windows 8.it has 2 graphics cards,one is the intel 4600 HD,the other is an NVIDIA GEForce 765M GTX.when i try to play my game it uses the default card which is the intel 4600 HD.while running the 4600 card the graphics look bad.it looks like im looking at the game through a window that has water pouring over it.the 4600 is good for some games,just not this one.so im wondering how to disable the intel graphics card so i can use the other card during game play.

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          Hi  unicron,


          Let me help you with this.


          Nowadays, you will find in the market systems like the one you have that come with switchable graphics (onboard graphics and a discrete graphics).


          The configuration is handled by software that the Computer Manufacture installed on the system. I recommend you to in your system for program that may be related to Switchable or maybe dual graphics.


          Kevin M