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    Quark X1021 bring up



      We have a issue is using Quark X1021 and system can’t boot up normally.


      All the power are fine and power sequence are finished. Then the SPI start running and trying to fetch the BIOS code, but the code start address is incorrect then SPI stop.

      We use the same BIOS code like what we uses on Galileo.

      But for Quark X1021, that is the different SoC like Galileo uses X1000, we are wondering if any code difference on different Quark sku(secure and non-secure sku)?

      Do you have other CRB that uses X1021? Or any code change need to do? the code start address location is follow with SoC or something?


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          Hello Chouyth,

          I have moved your post to the Maker  community.  They will be able to help you.


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            Hi chouyth    


            We are aware of your question, as soon as we have an answer for you we will respond to you over IPS.



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              You chose a model that supports secure boot. This seems to start executing BIOS in a ROM  built into the chip to establish that the BIOS is safe to execute. I am guessing the BIOS you have isn't supporting this.

              Look for the Quark_SecureBootPRM_330234_001.pdf document to see what needs to be done to get your board to work in the short run.


              Tony M.

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                yes, we use the secure sku of Quark, but where we can get the corresponding BIOS code for secure sku to boot up?

                The BIOS code we have is only verifed for non-secure sku. I saw the secure sku of Quark is already production for a while and so there should have a ready code as well?

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                  My assumption is that you have built your own design of the Quark , is that correct?

                  If so it is necessary that the BIOS be deigned to meet your target. Unless your design is exactly the same as some reference design from Intel, you can't just expect that a BIOS designed for some other board will work on yours. I know this because I develop BIOS for our company CPUs.

                  Case in point, you are using a different chip. You should read the document I listed in the prior message and what that means to a BIOS design.
                  Also, you should contact Intel to see if they offer BLDK code (a generic piece of code that can be inserted into a boot loader and used to bring your CPU online).
                  I would also look at the coreboot project to see if anyone else has perhaps started a BIOS for this chip.
                  Those are my suggestions.


                  Tony M.


                  Perhaps there is information in the BSP that can help you

                  Intel® Download Center

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                    Hello, I known this is an old post, but I'm working with an own design based on secured Quark and I'm facing the same problem when booting. Have you solved this issue? If so, could you share your solution?



                    Daniel Fraile

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                      You are running into the classic problem of forum usage with Intel products. The questions are asked in public but the answers are never made public.

                      You need to contact an Intel rep and get IBL access, for most questions with Intel.


                      Good luck,