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    Misleading info on Processor support of Smart Response Technology


      I´ve just completed a new desktop build and found out the hard way that the new Pentium Haswell based processors don't support Intel Smart Response Technology.


      My original plan was to go for a core i5 but due to budget restrictions I decided to scale down to a Pentium hoping to still being able to use ISRT caching and eventually upgrading to core i5 in the future. Since ARK specifications on processors don't even mention ISRT I thought the technology was related solely to the chipset and that I would be fine with my h87 / Pentium based build.


      Well, after trying to setup the ISRT cache using a 64G SSD I found it`s only supported by core Processors, namely core i3 i5 i7 (I  thought Pentium dual core was a core processor).


      A possible solution would be to dedicate the SSD to  the operating system. I`m stuck here too because the SSD drive originally bought for cache is to small to run Windows 8.1 and the applications.


      If it were in the US I could probably turn in the Pentium and get myself a core i3 instead but here in Brazil it`s not that easy. So I  guess I will end up with the loss.  Both financial and in productivity


      Hope this post helps others no run in to a similar situation.  And I hope Intel fixes the info in their websites.