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    IRST RAID 0 Volume 1 Error Occured (0)


      Hello, I have a problem here. Yesterday morning, when I turn on my VAIO S (VPCSA2GBX WIN 7 Ultimate) suddenly find out IRST RAID 0 Volume 1 Error Occurred (0) displayed as image attached, and I can't start Windows, is not running like there is some problem . Recovery Volume Options is not available. What I should do to solve it to back running again and not loose important work data on Volume 0 and Volume 1.  Any help will be great . Thanks.

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          I am sorry you are having this problem but let me help you.


          Based on the information you have provided it is very difficult to reestablish a failed Raid 0 to a working state. Raid 0 is intended for performance but not data back up so when a raid 0 fails I regret to say there is no option to get the files from it unless a 3rd party company specialized on this do it.


          I recommend you checking the HDD cables and updating the BIOS as troubleshooting steps but there is a chance the volume cannot be fixed.


          Kevin M