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    SSD not showing in disk management


      Hello all,


      This is my first post here, thanks for having me.

      I have a bought an ASUS N550JK and now I want to add a 240GB SSD to it (Intel SSDSC2BW240A401). I removed my optical disk and have a HDD Caddy to add my SSD.


      After this I didn't see the SSD in my computer, so I started searching and found several things. But it didn't answer my problem.


      In the device management the Intel SSD is shown, but in the disk management I cannot find it:


      http://puu.sh/asvi2/c21a65cb68.jpg - Device Management

      http://puu.sh/asvm3/d981724fb2.jpg - Disk Management


      I also checked my BIOS and the SSD is shown there. Can someone say what I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advanced.


      Kind regards,

      Menno Veen

      PS: Intel Toolbox can also not find the SSD...