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      Hey, i bought a New Laptop for 1k and it has Intel HD Graphics Family.I Can play Minecraft smoothly and other small games like Castle Crashers Sometimes without Lag sometimes With, but my Question is can i update my Intel HD Graphics Family? i went to CanYouRunThis and checked if i can play Elder Scrolls Online, i meet the Minium but not the Recommended Requirements, i met all Recommended Requirements except the Graphics, mine is Intel HD Graphics Family, so can i update it? OR change it to some other graphics if possible, also my other Display Adapter is AMD Radeon HD 8670m series, can i change that to something else to like NVidia or something for better Performance? & if not Possible. can i upgrade/update it?

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          yes u can play and u update your HD graphics but i am go to a AMD and NVIDIA because intel graphic cannot support a HD and high videos and games that why i am go to AMD and NVIDIA


          NOTE :- u cannot change a laptop driver just like NVIDIA to AMD because chip cannot support . IC CANNOT BE READ OTHER DRIVER SOFTWARE   

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            I Dont understand your English?

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              Let me explain,

              First, Yes you can update your Intel graphics family same as other i.e only drivers update

              second, In laptop their no option for installing other parts but you can change the product only if you find exact parts compatible with laptop IC no and other chip-set no.

                             If you try to install parts not compatible with chip set it will not working,If you find exact parts and install ,it cost will be equal to brand new laptop. I Recommended not do this, It is demands money and time.

              It is better to sell your laptop and buy new Laptop who fulfill your requirements.

              Third,  If anyone fulfill minimum requirement of any games, it means that,that one can play it.Recommended means, for playing smoothly or without any compromise in game experience.

              Conclusion :-- Just update your driver same as you update the windows or other software, it will update the driver.you can play the games but let me tell you laptop other than gaming laptop doesn't support heavy games.

              thank you

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                Keshinso, thanks for joining Intel Communities.

                The information and the recommendations given by Jeevan Singh are correct.


                I would recommend you checking with the laptop manufacture so they can let you know if you can upgrade your processor or any other device.

                There are drivers that you can install on your system; however they are not going to change the graphics family on your system.