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    Intel DX48BT2


      Greetings, I'm having an issue with my motherboard that I can't seem to figure out. This is a new build I just finished today. Everything was working great for about 3 hours, all the sudden the system shut off and hasn't turn on since. can anyone give some troubleshooting assistance? thanks

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          Is the system getting power, do you hear/see your fans but nothing happens after? if so then .. try clearing the cmos you can find directions here




          i have same board, mine ran ok for about a year..


          if that doesnt work id start the tried and true method of removing all memory n see if you get the error beeps, then video card/cards

          to track down the problem


          My guess is bios considering what ive gone thru when i 1st built system and now after about a year. Clearing it should help.


          If no power at all then it could be bad power supply.