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    Change resolution of display (CustomModeApp) silently


      Hello everyone ,


      I am working on one application which has two graphic modes. My monitor has 1920x1080 as max resolution .

      Now , I want to add custom resolution 1600X900 to it . so that I can switch between them (1920x1080 ,1600X900) .

      I have gone through couple of post and found that CustomModeApp.exe is the one that is all needed.

      My query is how can we setup custom resolution silently rather than going through GUI.

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          Hello jrana4, if your monitor supports 1920x1080 as native resolution I believe that it should support 1600x900 too since both are 16:9. Therefore, you may not need to use CustomModeApp but make sure that the monitor driver is installed if available.

          I recommend you creating profiles in Intel® HD Graphics control panel so you can swap between resolutions faster. First you will need to apply the desired screen resolution and then select Save Profile; repeat this process for all the profiles you need to create.

          Finally, you can choose any profile by going into Graphics Options, Profiles after you right click on the desktop.graphics profiles.PNG

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            Thanks you for replying back .

            I am trying to automate this one as one of our application needs to different resolution for its functionality.

            We have to deploy this silently to 10000 workstation .


            Any idea as how we can be achieved?