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    Trouble updating Bios on DP45SG


      System freezes, thought maybe a bios update would help it, is running on the 83 bios. It won't take the windows bios update. It reboots and say bios update complete  but it still is the same bios no. Anyway I know that is not the best way.  Main question, I want totry to  update it using the recovery bios . But I can not open the file to download onto flash key or cd ,ect. O.S. Vista 64bit. Windows can't open files what does?

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          Hello there,


          Try a bios recovery using a formatted USB media.


          Instructions for Recovery BIOS Updates
          In the unlikely event that a BIOS update is interrupted, it is possible the BIOS may be left in an unusable state. The recovery process requires the chassis to be opened to remove the onboard BIOS Configuration Jumper.
          WARNING: This process is intended to be performed by a trained technician.

          Recovery with Formatted USB Stick

          1. Copy the recovery file (*.bio) to a fat-formatted usb disk.


          2. Place the usb disk in the target system.
          3. Shut down the system and unplug AC power.
          4. Open the chassis and remove the BIOS Configuration Jumper. See the Technical Product Specification for details including the location of this jumper.
          5. Power the system on.
          6. Wait 2-5 minutes for the update to complete. When the usb drive LED is lit, the system is copying the recovery code into the FLASH device.
          7. System will either turn off when the recovery process is completed or it will prompt you to turn off the system.
          8. Remove usb disk
          9. Replace the BIOS Configuration Jumper.
          10. Restart system.


          Note: these can be found on:
          Website: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17197/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf
          Page 3




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            Thanks for commenting, but I already followed that to the T. Just wondering if the bios download needed to be opened before downloading it on the usb stick. It looks like it is updating, light blinks on and off but keeps going  until I gave up,about 15mins.Also should something show up on screen? I have seen other people have problems up dating bios on this board.

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              Actually some users posted some issues with the bios updates.


              It is good if you can try ISO method as well.


              Using tool like Poweriso or Nero Burning, burn the downloaded bios  ISO image on to a blank CD.

              Boot on to the CD.

              Update will be launched automatically.


              Give it a try and let us know


              All the best,




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                Again thanks for your help. tried the ISO . disk booted, told me bios being update to SG0118. bio. ran for a couple minutes and reboot then. Failed still same bios number. 083. Board doesn't like change I guess. I have pre ordered windows 7 maybe it  won;t freeze with it . It seems the motherboard has issues though.  I am running vista on my other computer which just has a P4 in it, its slow but chugs right along.,  ? Maybe time to try i7core....

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                  Got the bios updated . Took the download file from my downloads, move it to my desktop then opened it and ran the update. Updated bios seems to have stop windows from freezing.