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    Centrino Adv.-N 6325/Win 8.1 Doesn't connect after standby, shutdown


      Hi all,

      Have the Centrino 6325 on a clean install win 8.1 x64. It stops connecting to wireless networks after resuming the computer from standby, or turning it on from 'hybrid' shutdown. The connection panel says that it is off but the network and communication center and the device manager says it is on:



      Only a proper restart will get it to work again. I can also use airplane mode without issues.

      I have tried reinstalling the drivers, no help. They are the latest version (


      This is all the software on the computer from Intel:



      Any ideas? This did not happen before my clean install. Thank you!


      -Addl information I saw others being asked for:


      HP ENVY 15t-3200 CTO
      Windows 8.1 x64
      2.4 GHZ - Any SSID but specifically WPA2 Personal AES
      ASUS RT-N12 Ver. 4 w/ DD-WRT

      (Driver update utility recognizes the driver as but below it says it does not exist...)

      SIU Output:

      Intel System Identification Utility Reference Number: 0264 0118
      Date Created: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:08:22 PM

      Collapse/Expand SYSTEM INFORMATION
      Computer Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
      Computer Model 1851
      Operating System (O/S)  Microsoft Windows 8.1
      Operating System Build (O/S)(build 9600), 64-bit
      Operating System (version)  6.3.9600
      O/S Language0409
      System RAM  8.1 GB
      .NET Framework Version3.5.30729.4926
      CD or DVD Device  hp DVDRAM GS30N
      System Hard Drive Overview
      System Total Storage Size:1.6 TB
      Local Disk E:931.5 GB
      Used space:44.2 GB
      Free Space:887.3 GB
      Local Disk C:698.3 GB
      Used space:224.6 GB
      Free Space:473.7 GB
      Local Disk F:350.0 MB
      Used space:346.3 MB
      Free Space:3.7 MB
      Memory Detail
      Total Physical Memory8.1 GB
      Available Physical Memory4.8 GB
      Total Virtual Memory2.0 GB
      Physical Drive1
      Model3.0Silicon-Power DB
      Bus TypeUSB
      Physical Drive0
      ModelHitachi HTS727575A9E364
      Bus TypeSATA
      Physical Drive0
      ModelHitachi HTS727575A9E364
      Bus TypeSATA
      Internet Browser [1]Internet Explorer
      Internet Browser Version [1]9.11.9600.17207
      Collapse/Expand CHIPSET INFORMATION
      Chipset Software Status
      Intel® Chipset Installation File (INF) detectednot detected
      Detected Chipset INF Versionnot detected
      Chipset INF Statusnot detected
      Latest Version Availablenot detected
      Detailed Chipset InformationIntel® Chipset Identification Utility
      Collapse/Expand GRAPHICS INFORMATION
      Graphics Product [1]Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
      Graphics Driver Version not detected
      Driver Statusnot detected
      3D AccelerationYes
      Hardware Transform & Lighting Support Yes
      Video Memory4.0 GB
      Vertex Shader Support 5.0
      Pixel Shader Support 5.0
      Microsoft DirectX* Version 11.0
      Current Graphics Resolution1920x1080
      Current Color Depth32 Bits Per Pixel
      Graphics Product [2]AMD Radeon HD 7700M Series
      3D AccelerationYes
      Hardware Transform & Lighting Support Yes
      Video Memory1.0 GB
      Vertex Shader Support 5.0
      Pixel Shader Support 5.0
      Raw EDID [1]not detected
      Manufacturer not detected
      Model 1851
      AA Numbernot detected
      BIOS VendorInsyde
      BIOS VersionInsyde F.0B
      BIOS Release Date01/02/13
      System Memory8.1 GB
      Sound CardIDT High Definition Audio CODEC
      Model Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz
      Intel Processor analysis toolsIntel Processor analysis tools
      CPU Speed2.3 GHz
      Link to Processor SpecificationLink to Processor Specification
      CPU Revision
      CPU Type00
      CPU Family06
      CPU Model3A
      CPU Stepping9
      Wired Networking Product
      Driver Version2.1.0.16
      Driver StatusDevice is unknown or unsupported
      Intel PROSet Versionnot detected
      Hardware IDsPCI\VEN_1969&DEV_1083&SUBSYS_1851103C&REV_C0
      Wireless Networking Product not detected
      Driver Version not detected
      Software/Driver Statusnot detected
      Latest version availablenot detected
      Hardware IDs*TEREDO