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    graphic driver for Atom N2800/Windows 7 settings - bad contrast



      Hello, we are developing a robust PC System with following hardware configuration:

        -Intel Atom prcessor N2800 (Board Type MIO 2262 from Advantec)

        -USB camera

        -LVDS display 24bit resolution 800x600@100Hz

        -Windows7 emdedded


      When we power on our system, the contrast of the display is perfect, but when the when the Intel Graphics Accelerator starts, the contrast becomes bad. For Windows XP there is Intel Embedded Media and Graphics Drivers V1.15 available, where we can do some settings, but the newer version 1.18 which is made for Windows 7 does not support our processor (no Atom N2800, only for E6xx and Z5xx)


      -Is there a possiblity to do some settings in the Graphics Accelerator?

      -Is there an EMGD version for the processor N2800 and Windows7 emdedded available?