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    HD4600 clone cursor in top left corner when activating quicksync


      I'm trying to use quicksync with obs (open broadcast software). But whenever i go to screen settings (through right click on the desktop) and detect monitors, select monitor on hd4600, select try to connect to vga anyway & lastly, extend desktop. I get a secondary cursor in the top left corner which doesn't move, but changes state with the main cursor.

      The main gfx is a gtx770 & hd4600 is only for quicksync.


      I've tried almost every solution i've been able to find.

      One suggest installing an older driver version, another reinstalling nvidia drivers.

      I've tried earlier release, latest release & beta release & after installing and rebooting the nvidia driver would fail and recover. I'd then clean reinstall the nvidia drivers as suggested by one. But it does not help. Every time i change from "show on desktop 1" to "extend desktop" i'll get the clone cursor, but only in extended mode, which is needed for quicksync to work, so it's not an option not to use extended desktop.


      I've noticed there's quite a few with this problem on the obs forum, this forum and other forums as well.




      Any suggestions ?

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