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    Would this adapter work inside a Windows Desktop PC?


      The 802.11ac, dual-band, 2x2 Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth* adapter Intel's part Number 7260.HMWWB


      Is this adapter with mini PciExpress Host Interface only for laptops or would it ALSO work inside a Windows Desktop computer?

      My motherboard is an Asus Z87 Sabertooth with 3 Mini PCI Express free slots

      Ive seen both opinions that it is ONLY for laptops and Intel Pages where  it calls it a Desktop adapter albeit with different part numbers. They do not have this number listed anywhere, so i get the distinct feeling that Intel has it listed under another Model number

      Could anyone be of help to clarify this for Me. My Desktop PC runs Windows 7 Home 64-bit.

      Thank you

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          Hi MSwhip, I was not able to find that exact part number in the Wireless Products Technical Documents but I believe you are referring to the wireless adapter for laptop.

          In your case we suggest the desktop version, which comes with antennas. The part numbers are in the second page of the document, just above the QR* code. Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 for Desktop: Product Brief

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            Thank you joe_intel for your fast response,

            So,  if these are the 3 existing models:
            7260HMWDTX1                        w/Both brackets
            7260HMWDTX1G                     Full Height
            7260HMWDTX1H                     Half Height
            then I have a few reflections of my own.

            Other than the card height and the brackets or no brackets (brackets for what?) do all 3 have the same features and functionality? I am very confused with your information on your web pages. I do admit I am no computer nerd but I do have some logical thinking and the article you quoted, which I have had already read before posting in the Forum is not detailed enough (in layman terms). For example there are no explanations about what WiFi do to you in a Windows PC Computer or how to benefit from Bluetooth 4.0 aside from the good connectivity for headsets, although max 10 metres away  to get good reception is extremely poor result.

            I have used Sony Wireless MDRRF925RK 900 MHz Analog RF wireless headphones and I have used them roaming 30 metres away from the computer and with one floor distance in the building. And the reception is perfect

            I am thinking that any of those 3 models are to be inserted in the back panel of a Desktop as part of the i/o plate. So I dont understand what are the brackets for, and whateverf they are why  would they not be necessary for Models 7260HMWDTX1G and  7260HMWDTX1H 
            So please guide me where to read more about very specific uses for Wifi connected with my computer and bluetooth in the computer too.

            These are my settings.
            My Windows PC is downstairs running Haswell 4670K (although yet unclocked), Asus Sabertooth Z87 motherboard,
            16 GB DDR3 1600 Ram memory,  Corsair AX750 Gold PSU, an Intel 530 Series SSD and  7 mechanical HHDs all Sata III 6Mbps a couple of them 5400 RPM the rest at 7200RPM. Right now (PC being serviced I am trying to get to accelerate all 7 Mechanical drives with Intel Smart Storage technology and the 65GB c ache on the SSD and the INtel Software that is included in Intel SSD Toolbox. Your colleagues over the phone had suggested no cache and set my 7 disks in raid 10 (1+0) but I do not have the required 4 disks of same size and speed, And not even from the same manufacturer. (mostly WD). So RAID 10 is out of the question.
            Optical RW DVD Drive and Hauppage 2250 WinTV dual TV Tuner card complete the settings. I have Windows7 Home 64bit OS so accelerating as many HHDs as possible is a definite must.
            I watch TV online and also videos via Windows Media Center and I am also trying to make phone calls from my computer using one of the mobile wireless lines we have. One of the phones is an Apple 5S smartphone The computer is wired with RJ45 cable coming from the Gateway Router located at the entrance of the Internet and TV cable feeds from my Internet and Cable Provider  The LAN also connects to a Apple iMac Desktop, and a Windows PC Laptop as well as to a couple of printers.

            So I am am anxious to get your feedback and information about how to get my equipment to get the best outcomes and results, specially capabilities to do things that I dont know about. I would in particular want to know how to set things so I can use either a 42in PlasmaTV and/or a 32in Smart TV  as a monitor for stuff generating from the Windows PC downstairs. Does the RJ 45 allow to stream information "the other way"?

            Sorry about the length of this but I felt you need to have the big picture so you can advice on how to better squeeze off what is available on board your Intel i5 4670K and your 7260 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter in consonance with the rest of the components I have listed above.

            Thank you kindly

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              The bracket’s height depends on the computer chassis you are using. Think of the bracket as the back plate of the adapter, I included a picture:


              In this case you may want to ask the chassis manufacturer or get the adapter that includes both brackets.

              The bracket’s heights are specified here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conventional_PCI#Physical_card_dimensions


              Contrary to WiFi which is a local area network, Bluetooth* is a personal area network and transmits with low power. Your headphones use a different (and probably dedicated) type of wireless communication.