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    i5 3230m questions


      Hi i'm new to this forum but I figured I'd just come straight to the intel forums to ask this question.

      Is there anyway to overclock a i5 3230m that is in a laptop, specifically the one in the asus ROG g46vw. I know this laptop has good ventilation and the cpu doesn't exceed 90C. I downloaded intel extreme tuning utility and when going to HWBot's website it said this cpu isn't enabled to be overclocked and to try changing settings in the BIOS.

      Your help is much appreciated.

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          Hello That_White_Kid95, welcome to Intel Communities and thanks a lot for posting your inquire.

          It is very important to let you know that we don't recommend over clocking any of the internal components such as memory, video or processor, since this practice overstress the units.

          There is no processor capable to last the expected lifetime from factory if it is over clocked. In addition to that, Intel cannot guarantee the proper functionality of a CPU if it is being over clocked because every single unit is manufactured to run within specifications.

          The I5-3230M processor that comes on your laptop is not an unlocked processor. Only unlocked processor supposed to handle overclocking.

          From our side, this is all the information I could provide you, but you could wait for another user to reply to this thread with other recommendations, or check directly with the system manufacture if they allow you to change the settings of the system.

          Thank you for your understanding.