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    D54250WYKH - Problem with BIOS settings


      I'm trying to modify some BIOS settings with only a keyboard, because I'm using a bluetooth mouse which is not available there.

      So at the "Performance > Memory" section if I set the "Config > Performance Memory Profiles" to Manual, then I simply can't change the Memory Reference Multiplier and the Memory Multiplier or the Memory Voltage with a keyboard, because I cannot navigate there using the Tab or Arrow keys.


      The other problem is that I can't capture the screen in the BIOS and a pop-up saying "Internal Error - Error creating file" and no matter what location I choose to save it.


      Another problem is that I have a yellow text at the bottom left of the BIOS screen with "No Network Access", so if I check e.g. for BIOS updates, then a pop-up saying "Unable to locate product ID".


      The BIOS is up to date and I have a partitioned SSD with Windows 8.1 installed on it and everything is working when it loads, so I have network connection, etc.

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          Hello Slim_Jim, I was trying to replicate this issue and you are correct. Using the tab and arrow keys of the keyboard I try to access the memory settings and I was able to change from automatically to manual. However, I couldn’t change the multiplier or voltage.

          So my recommendation will be to use a regular mouse in order to change those settings.


          Regarding the problem about capturing the screen in the BIOS, I’m going to research on that since I got the same error.


          Finally, about the BIOS update on the BIOS screen, please check the following thread. Re: DN2820FYKH - Unable to update BIOS     

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            Using a regular mouse is working, but that's not a fix for the issue.

            I'm using the fast boot option, so from time to time, if a BIOS update is available I'm holding down the power button to get into the BIOS and the main problem is that I'm using manual settings for the memory, because I'm running them at 2133MHz with adjusted timings (G.Skill Ripjaws F3-2133C11D-8GRSL memory is working fine at 2133MHz), but every time I use the power menu, the BIOS sets my memory multiplier to a different value, which means that the memory is running at max. 1866MHz from the second I used the power menu.


            So there are two problems with the memory settings:

            - Using the power menu modifies the manually adjusted settings, so 2133MHz falls back to 1866MHz

            - I can't change it back to what I want, because I need to attach a regular mouse to do it


            These two problems should be fixed, so the power menu won't change the memory multiplier back and the manual settings should be choosable with the tab and arrow keys.


            I checked the mentioned BIOS update thread, but there's nothing about my main problem, because as I said, BIOS update is just an example (which has issues and the thread is about that), but the main problem is that the BIOS always says at the bottom left that "Network disconnected" or sometimes "No Network Access".


            And just to mention, there is a "Download Drivers" section in the BIOS settings, which has problems too, because when I choose the location and I press the Download button, then nothing happens and the location window shows up again.


            I'm using an UTP cable directly plugged into the NUC from my router which provides the internet connection and I have DHCP enabled on it, so there should be no problem for the BIOS to connect to the network.

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              I understand your point.  We expected the system to maintain the memory settings you chose, however it is also expected that if this speed is out of specifications, the NUC will change the settings for safety.

              NUCs are not meant to be customized because they use embedded processors.  Remember that this device supports DDR3L 1333/1600, 1.35V



              Intel doesn't recommend over clocking any of their internal components. It is required to use the correct memory type when using our products otherwise the warranty won't cover the product.



              Bear in mind that using memory out of specifications will decrease the lifetime of your NUC and it could generate processor damage.

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                Dear sylvia_intel,


                Cc Slim_Jim,


                Cc Intel VisualBios,


                Please understand that we understand that the CPU multiplier and CPU bus frequency is locked, so

                conventional overclocking by increasing one or other or both, perhaps with CPU core voltage is not

                available to us. (However, _UNDER-volting_ the CPU, so that it spends more time using higher

                multipliers and is below it's thermal limits eg. utilizing "Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0", is



                Increasing the operating frequency of the RAM simply reduces the time that the CPU is "cache starved"

                otherwise known as "bus bound", allowing the CPU to run more often "CPU bound" thus improving it's

                throughput. This "Overclocking" is not pushing the CPU beyond its specifications, because it must be able

                to handle "CPU bound" jobs at any time because many jobs will fit nicely inside the Cache and do mostly

                cache hits e.g. linpack ( a very extreme example ).


                Another way to reduce the time the CPU is idle because it is "cache starved" is to improve the speed of Secondary Memory.

                By your definition of “Overclocking” I should not use a faster SSD.


                You state “NUCs are not meant to be customized because they use embedded processors.”

                I bought a NUC because it is fun to tweak it a little. If I wanted a computer I could not customize, I would have bought an Apple.


                Intel needs to understand it's customers motivations for their purchases.


                If I bought a toy car it would be a die-cast classic made by “Matchbox” and I would put mag wheels on it and go-faster decals.


                Note that Intel provide their “Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)” so that a user can “Tweak to your heart’s content...”






                Respectfully yours,