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    Intel Smart Response on Windows 8 UEFI


      Hey guys, so, I've been stuck on this issue for a while now. I have 3 drives in my system. I have a 2tb hd, which is my system drive, a 500gb hd, an extra storage drive, and a 64gb ssd, which I intended to use for Intel SRT cache on my system drive.


      I have Windows 8 installed on a UEFI system with a guid partition table. (GPT) Unfortunately, after installing the OS with the SATA controller in RAID mode, and then installing the IRST drivers, when I go to the performance tab to accelerate my system drive, the dropdown menu only lists the 500gb storage drive as the only acceptable hard drive.


      After some quick googling, I think I may have figured out the problem, srt won't work with uefi systems unless you change some stuff around first. I found this thread as well as this one which states that the problem may be caused by having the os installed by uefi. The second thread actually suggests a fix, by shrinking the drive by a small amount, then extending it back to its regular size. However, this fix did not work for me. Given that both of those threads are quite old, I thought that maybe there now may be a fix for it.


      I have an asus Z97-PRO, Windows 8 64-bit UEFI, and the three drives mentioned above.


      Does anybody know a fix to this issue?