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    SSDSA2BW16G3H, 8MB "bug", and impossibility to SET_MAX_ADDRESS


      Hi everyone,


      this SSD has been struck by the 8MB "bug"/behaviour, I'm desperately looking for a way to recover as much data as possible

      (therefore, I guess that the security erase procedure is not the best fit for the problem).


      It is currently at firmware level 4PC10362 that - iirc - is the latest available from the Intel site for this family (and the update tool says it's already updated).


      I tried to run hdparm -N /dev/sda (that actually queries the SSD for the current and max possible address) and I get a reasonable response: 16384/nnnnnnnnn (that is: currently set to 16Kblocks, that is, 8MBs, and the maximum value matches the maximum capacity).


      unfortunately, if I try to run hdparm -N nnnnnnnnnn /dev/sda (temporary setting) or hdparm -N pnnnnnnnnnn /dev/sda (permanent setting), even with lower block counts,

      hdparm says that SET_MAX_ADDRESS is failing for "input/output error"


      I tried to also run the unofficial HDAT2 bootable iso but it appears that it cannot remount itself and make the commands actually available "or something", I guess that anyway it cannot do any magic itself and would resort to SET_MAX_ADDRESS or the like.


      any suggestions?


      thanks a lot!