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    Queries following the installation of the latest driver for an Intel HD Graphics 4600 adapter


      I have a PC running 64 bit Windows 7 SP1.  The PC has a GIGABYTE motherboard with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 adapter.  To avoid any potential incompatibility problems, I always download the driver for the graphics adapter from the GIGABYTE Web site, not from Intel or Microsoft.


      When I first purchased the PC, I installed driver (GIGABYTE identifier).  A few days ago, I installed the latest driver available on the GIGABYTE Web site,  I have the following queries:


      • I was surprised to discover that the new driver contains an Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.  Is this a piece of function that has been introduced since the 3186 driver, or was it present with the 3186 driver and I didn’t know about it?
      • The installation has placed a shortcut to the control panel on the Windows desktop, but I don’t like shortcuts to “low level” function on my desktop.  Can I just delete the shortcut?  I can always access the control panel by right clicking the desktop and selecting “Graphics Properties…”.
      • When I click the Intel HD Graphics icon in the Windows system tray, I see 4 items: “Graphics Properties…”, “Graphics Options”, “Exit tray”, and “Intel HD Graphics Control Panel”.  When I click the last item, nothing happens – the control panel is not displayed.  Is this a defect?  Can it be corrected manually by any means?  If it can’t be corrected, I’m inclined to remove the Intel HD Graphics icon from the system tray completely.  All the function appears to be available by right clicking the Windows desktop anyway.