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    Delete and re-add RAID 5 Array


      Before expanding a 3x1TB disk Raid-5 array using Intel RST to a 6x1TB disk Raid-5 array, I forgot to copy\backup the data before starting. After 3 days of "migrating" data, the migration is only at 2 percent. While the array is in this state, the disks are way to slow to be considered usable. At this point I wanted to just copy the data off delete the array and build it again with the configuration that I wanted, but the file copy is also severely degraded because of the migration. I tried booting to various boot\recovery programs to do the file copy but the "Migrating" state of the drive is something that persists regardless of what I boot into, so I can't boot to a Linux distro copy the files off and the rebuild. I can't backup the partition or anything else because the disk performance is to slow.


      I know that within the intel RST utility there is no way to cancel a Migration in progress. after doing some reading I was wondering what the effect might be from going into the bios disabling the RAID, rebooting and reabling the RAID? I am trying to prevent data loss but I am not sure what effect a change like this might have on the RAID. I have read  a number of documents that state I can plug the drives into a compatible motherboard and the RAID could\should be recognized and usable, but I am not sure what the "Migrating" status does to this process?


      Any assistance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated,