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    Problem with GPU optimization



      I been having problem with my computer graphics card optimus (is that what you call it) since reinstalling windows.

      You know the light that switched from blue to orange, well sure though it switched during power on windows and login (welcome) screen switched often too, but when fully boot up or anything, it will stay orange even on battery. When I right click and select which graphics card to use, I choose Intel and the orange light stills on, NVidia also stays orange light ( which is normal if I select high performance ) though I noticed my computer went much hotter than before re install.

      Please help!

      I used a windows widget and monitor my GPU status, 0 usage every time on every game even selected Nvidia High performance.

      Please help, my computer is crazy hot because of this that it had to use GPT (intergrated graphics all the time)

      I am running an i7-3630qm CPU.

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          Temporary Solved: Uninstalled 337.88 (Nvidia's problem) driver and replaced the old version.

          I had a lot of glitchs on this driver on both computers, I am not going to install this version anymore

          General question for both intel and Nvidia

          I just want to know what are drivers updates I mean what does it do , better performance or?


          If anyone had related issues I hope this helps.

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            Thanks for taking the time and share your experience, I am glad your computer is working again.

            Once drivers are updated, they provide better graphics performance and fixes to issues that were reported by previous customers. You can always check a list of known issues and fixes by accessing documentation on driver release notes.