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    Jittery playback from WMC recordings due to known 29/59 framerate issues


      My problem is I am on Comcast and have issue with the 29/59 ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2658140 ) frame rate changes. Jittery playback with the recording seeming to only playback a frame every few seconds.  I was able to fix in win 7 computer by disabling Film Mode Enhancement and Contrast Enhancement in Advanced and Skin Tone Enhancement in Basic.  My win 8.1 laptop with a intel hd4400 tried the same in the video menu for intel and turned off those but still have the issue.

      And here is the problem described by ceton

      This is a well-known problem with Windows Media Center and occurs across all OCUR devices. The problem is the result of an incompatibility issue between Windows Media Center's decoder and the MPEG steam encoder, especially when Windows Media Center receives video which does not properly indicate its framerate. Some video encoders used by cable operators attempt to detect the framerate (in order to minimize bandwith) and get it wrong; the framerate is re-detected every few seconds, resulting in a rapid change between 29.97 and 59.94.

      Unfortunately, every time the framerate changes, Windows Media Center must re-set up the video pipeline, resulting in the color flickers you see on your screen. Ceton formally requested that Microsoft fix this issue. Unfortunately, Microsoft made the decision that the amount of work it would take to resolve this issue was too great for them to invest in it at this time. The official Microsoft Support article on the issue can be found below: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2658140

      It seems like there is still auto enhancements turned on but not sure what else to change in video settings or else where as I have a sony Vaio i7-4500U intel hd4400 and a Nvidia  GeForce gt735 which I believe is inactive with WMC running.  I did manage to get same recordings on my i5 2500K desktop running fine by changes mentioned above but the vaio laptop is still giving issues on playback.

      Any other Ideas to help?

      FYI this is only a problem on recordings where the frame rate rapidly changes as in a syfy or history channel recording.  My cable provider is Comcast.  ABC amongst others don't seem to do this.  According to other forums and my experience this is a playback issue not a recording issue.