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    intel extreme tuning utility on dell 5737


      Hi, everyone=)

      I have a laptop Dell inspiron 5737 with i74500u + HD 8870m.(Windows 8.1)

      After reinstalling windows 8.1  the intel extreme tuning utility doesnt work. My bios is A08.

      a have tried to use xtu versions 4.4, 4,3. But it doesnt work. It hangs on the logo (black screen "intel extreme tuning utility")

      Sorry, for my English=)

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          Hi luckyDi,


          I am sorry you are having this problem but let me help you.


          Please note that Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility is software that will let you change some settings or values for the system increasing or decreasing the performance (depending on settings). It is important to say that this works on Intel® processors and motherboards only so this may be the reason why you are having problems installing this on a Dell System.


          I recommend you checking with Dell directly if they have software similar to the Intel® XTU and if it is possible to change values in their hardware since most of the times OEMS lock their units.


          Kevin M