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    My wifi dashboard



      i have just formatted my dell xps l502x.  I have installed the latest drivers and noticed intel now use my wifi dashboard to create a virtual hotspot for connecting devices to your laptop. before I formatted I use to to connect my ipad to my virtual hotspot and stream films etc over it. the internet works on my ipad through the hotspot but I can no longer see my shares on my laptop through my ipad. This is really annoying.  Has this feature been disabled in the new dashboard or am I missing something?



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          Hello Waynage,


          Let me help you with this.


          I would like to check some more information about the steps you are taking and how you are doing it so can you please provide images of the steps or step by step instructions?


          Also, can you please let me know what the wireless adapter you have in your system, wireless driver and software version is?


          Kevin M