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    Intel E7520 Chipset supports Xeon X7460? (CPU's FSB higher than MB's)


      The motherboard IWill DNS-SATA EATX has Intel E7250 chipset (FSB 800); this is enough to support two Xeon X7460 (FSB 1066)? I heard that some motherboards have the ability to reduce the CPU's FSB to work. Is this the case? I bought a kit with these and don't know if they were used together before, but seller said those items are working (how did he test it?). I didn't find any "CPU Support List" and the manufacturer's website >Iwill.net< is for sale.



      I found two Infineon DDR 2GB 333MHz but not bought yet, as I'm not sure if it will work. I'm waiting for the items arrive, but I'm considering in cancelling the deal, as I'll need some time to test if they works. Please, help! ;(