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    RAID mirror



      My board was Gigabyte EP45-DS3R with Intel ® ICH10R. There is two disc in raid 1 mirror configuration Array_0000. Before two weeks i had problem with windows boot. I was disconnected second disk and installed fresh Windows installation on first disk.I need to back second disk in system and sync data. What is the proper way to do that?

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          Hello Fbsd, thanks for contacting us through the Intel Communities.


          First of all I suggest you backing up all the data before performing any change on your array. Since you had a RAID 1, but you reinstalled the OS on one of the hard drives, please save the information from the other hard drive.


          In order to rebuild your RAID, you need to boot to Windows or to the Operating system you are using. Then, install the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology, version 11.7  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=22194


          The following URL will guide you into the process of rebuilding your RAID1.





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            I dont wont to save any data on disc two. If i put back to system disk two can I make damage on files on disk 1? How system know that should boot from disk one?

            Should I install Intel® Matrix Storage Manager or Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RAID)?

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              Fbsd, I would recommend you using the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology since this is the new version of Intel Matrix storage manager.

              I want to be sure on something, do you or you don’t want to save the information from the hard drive #2?

              If you do please follow these steps:

              1.    It will be necessary to save the data locate on HDD#2 into another disk.

              2.    Connect HDD#1, select that disk in order to boot to windows.

              3.    Rebuild the RAID using the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. This procedure will erase all the information from disk #2 and copy the data that is on disk #1.

              4.    Then, you would have to copy de information from the extra hard drive into the RAID.


              If you don’t want to save the data, you just need to follow steps #2 and 3.


              In order to select the correct hard drive to boot to Windows, in our motherboard we use the F10 key. Please check with Gigabyte which “F” key do they use for this action.

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                Sylvia I don't wont to save data on HDD 2.

                When I connect HDD 2 can i select disk in order to boot becouse disk was in RAID 1?

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                  If that is the case, would you please access the Raid BIOS and send me a picture?

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                    Problem solved.


                    Procedure i used:


                    1. Connected disk 2. When i booted pc disk 2 was been NON RAID.

                    2. Started Rapid Storage Technology  and set disk 2 as spare disk.

                    3. That's all.

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                      I’m glad to know you were able to solve your issue.