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    Unable to execute sketch when booting on SD card


      I have the 0.7.5 image downloaded onto the SD card with latest firmware update. The board boots fine and I could even set up networking eth0 and now ssh into the board.

      However, I have one problem. I am not able to get sketches running on the board when the board boots from the SD card.

      If I remove the SD card and let the board boot off the SPI Flash, I am able to upload sketches from the Arduino IDE(running on Debian 7.6 wheezy) and even get the loader to execute the sketch.

      Its just that when I put in the SD card - the clloader stops just before executing the sketch and I see the following log on the Galileo shell


      Log on the Arduino IDE - This looks good with no errors

      Arduino IDE log - Pastebin.com


      Log on the Galileo shell - implies the loader wasn't able to move and start executing the script.  



      Any suggestions on debug here? I am yet to try it with the 1.0.0 image.

      Also my board version is revD. So both 0.7.5 and 1.0.0 should be compatible SD image version   


      Update - Even when the board boots from the SD card after a power cycle. I see the same error with clloader


      kernel.hotplug = /sbin/mdev

      /etc/rcS.d/S55bootmisc.sh: line 66: [: %4Y%2m%2d%2H%2M: integer expression expected

      INIT: Entering runlevel: 5

      Starting system message bus: dbus.

      Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd


      Starting syslogd/klogd: [   17.631945] NET: Registered protocol family 10


      Stopping Bootlog daemon: [   18.044454] libphy: stmmac-1:01 - Link is Up - 100/Full



      Poky 9.0.2 (Yocto Project 1.4 Reference Distro) 1.4.2 clanton /dev/ttyS1


      clanton login: Sketch child process started, pid=01338

      Starting /sketch/sketch.elf /dev/pts/0 /dev/ttyS0

      sigchld signal rxed.. child pid:1338 terminated, go back to wait for command ...

      critical fault during select errno=4HUP or CHLDTERM Received, Change state to wait for command from host

      clloader waiting to receive.