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      Has anyone actually seen an Edison. I mean the website has zero updates. Has the project been abandoned?

      It would be nice to know something, even to know if the product is delayed is better then nothing at all.

      Tony M.

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          Hi Tony,


          As I understand it, the Edison is still en-route, but it has changed a bit since the original announcement at CES, which is also visible in the sparse documentation at the Intel website and all I have seen is pictures, and only a few.


          They went away from the SD card form factor, though I think it's pretty much the same size, but with better possibilities for I/O and they have upgraded it to an Atom processor instead of the Quark.


          This is from a presentation at MakerCon in May, and since then I haven't really heard anything new, but my guess is that they will align announcements/release with major maker/dev events, maybe Maker Faire in Rome like they did with the Galileo, but it's just speculation on my side.


          The Galileo board and the stuff around it was done very quickly, but I think Edison will be developed more thoroughly like Intel usually do things, with a longer development cycle.



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            It looks like some info on Edison is available on https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/do-it-yourself/edison.html

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              I have "signed up" months ago. Intel doesn't really understand this market. If they want interest in the product like this, they should at least be showing some kind of development blog, preliminary design specifications, anything saying they are actively working on this. The website is dead on this. No blog posts, cursory comments about how you can use it with a toy robot design.

              If they are going to put their eggs in the Galileo basket then so be it, just get rid of. If they are just delaying to no compete with their other offerings, well then take it off the website. It is just a distraction.

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                Yes, Edison is on track to ship this summer. We appreciate the feedback on the website. The team has been heads down on development, but updates can be expected soon.


                Best Regards,