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    How to enable intel turbo boost?


      Hello. I recently bought a new laptop (Lenovo y510p) which came with the following specifications:
      Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.4 GHz
      2 x Nvidia GeForce GT 755M
      8 GB RAM
      1 TB SSHD



      It isn't running as good as I expected (considering the configuration). So here is the problem: my CPU is supposed to be able to run at 3.4 GHz with that TurboBoost thing. However, it never reached that frequency and the performance isn't as good. I know the first reply on this thread will be about how it's turbo boost is enabled by default and stuff but I don't think mine is. I tried to enable it via lenovo's insanely stupid BIOS but I found no options regarding CPU at all. Just some Intel Vanderpool technology thing which, I think, has nothing to do with Turbo Boost. I also tried searching the service in Control Panel > Administrative tools > Services but I didn't find anything there as well.


      I really want to enable TurboBoost so my games run better and stuff and that's why I am seeking your help.


      PS: Can someone give me the download link for that Intel Turbo Boost Monitoring thingy?