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    Enter Key of USB Keyboard not working on DP45SG


      I have a "Microsoft Comfort Curve USB Keyboard 2000" hooked up to a back panel USB port of my DP45SG based rig. Occationally (i.e., on some boots - actually most boots) the "Enter" key would stop working, only to be possibly fixed by multiple reboots. Lately, the key appears to be permanently dead.


      + The problem is there on all rear panel ports

      + Strangely, if I re-attach the keyboard to any of the front panel USB ports the problem goes away.

      + The problem also goes away if I connect the keyboard to a simple 4-port external usb hub connected to a rear panel USB port.


      Any suggestions for debug?


      I have already tried removing all other USB devices and testing the keyboard - Still no relief.


      Could this be an electrical issue on the USB links (either internal or external) caused by a rogue keyboard? I will try trying out another USB keyboard as soon as I get one. But note that the same keyboard works perfectly fine through front panel or a hub.