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    I7-920 Temp 50 deg Celcius idle, PC shuts down under load


      Hi, Recently installed I7-920 on GA-EX58-UD3R with Corsair 3x1gb RAM running triple channel @ 1600mhz on Vista 32bit. Using stock fan.

      At idle, PC runs at CPU 50 degrees celcius, and system 53 degrees celcuis. I have my temp alarm set at 80 deg. When I play a game, alarm goes off within seconds of loading and PC shuts down shortly thereafter. Fan is running at full speed. My previous setup was an E8500 with 4gb corsair ram @ 1066, running at 21 degrees with a half size heat sink.

      Done all the usual stuff; reseated the heat sink, cleaned and reapplied thermal paste, cleared cables from around procrssor for air flow etc.


      I note there seems to be a lot of posts about I7-920... But nothing with my exact symptoms that I could see.


      Anyone got any ideas?



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          Earlier this year, I purchased and built an i7 965 system for myself and an i7 920 system for my wife. Her i7 920 runs great. I used after market coolers on both CPU's, and the 920 runs at about 30 degrees C. at idle and at around 50C full load. Perhaps there's a voltage problem causing the extra heat in your CPU..? Is the voltage of your RAM above 1.65v? That will cause CPU overheating. Just a thought...