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    NUC+AC7260 Bluetooth Audio Problem



      my first post here

      I have an intel NUC i3  D34010WYK running windows 8.1 with a dual band AC 7260 wifi+bluetooth adapter.

      Here is the problem I have:

      1. On the NUC i search for bluetooth devices.  It can locate my iPhone 5s.

      2. I follow the on screen instructions for pairing, and pairing is successful.  Device connected.

      3.  If I play music on the iPhone, its not played through the NUC speakers.  Nothing is displayed n the iPhone screen to choose the playback sources like it usually would with any other bluetooth device.

      4. If I disconnect the iPhone and try reconnecting it again, it fails with a message saying that the device is not compatible.

      5.  The only way I can reconnect it, is to forget the device on both the NUC and iPhone, and then re-pair.  Only to have the same issue of no audio again.

      6. I tried paring my mac book air, same exact problem.


      I am using wifi driver v, And installed intel Bluetooth Proset wireless  (file name BT_17.0.1405.02_e164).  The  bluetooth driver in device manager reads V 17.0.1405.460


      Any thoughts what the issue might be?  Thanks in advance.


      N.B: when I go into device manager, the Network Adapter tab is always expanded. here is a screen shot of how the device manager looks when I launch it, and of the bluetooth tab.

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          Hi zJudge, the network adapter tab is expanded because the Intel® Ethernet Connection I218-V is disabled; you can try enabling it and should not be related to this issue. As everything else looks fine in device manager, I suggest updating Windows* 8.1 since we know there are some dependencies from those updates related to Bluetooth* technology.

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            Thanks for your reply. My windows is always up to date.  I have automatic update enables, and it checks daily.  As a matter of fact, this is a fresh windows install.  I was running the evaluation copy of Enterprise edition since I got the NUC, and I just purchased the full 8.1 and installed it 2 days ago.  I had the same exact issue on the old installation as well.  I thought it might be a flaw in the evaluation copy, and thats why I didn't bother reporting it till I install the full version. 

            This is my second intel network adapter I have an issue with.  I purchased the N6250 with the NUC, and it was giving me problems left and right, from wifi  drop outs, to the inability to connect to the wifi all together.  I replaced it with the AC7260 only to face another issue, the bluetooth.  Its very annoying as I wanna be able to play music from my iPhone thru bluetooth to the NUC which is connected to my home theater system.  Very disappointed  to be honest.

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              Bluetooth* audio profiles, such as A2DP, are natively supported in Windows* 8/8.1. I suggest checking with Microsoft* about this.

              General Bluetooth Support in Windows (Windows Drivers)