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    USB 3.0 external Hard Drive not detected after computer starts up, USB 3.0 driver issue


      I have the GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 mobo, and a seagate goflex USB 3.0 HDD. Before installing the Intel USB 3.0 driver, my USB HDD was detected after starting up my PC. However, I noticed lag when transferring files, so I installed the USB 3.0 Drivers.


      I installed it and transferring files was just fine. However, my computer will not detect my USB HDD after starting up. I'd have to remove the USB plug, and plug it back in for it to be detected.


      On start up, I see my USB 3.0 HDD in my device manager with a yellow exclamation point saying cannot start. Replugging it makes it work just fine.


      Uninstalling the USB 3.0 drivers made the USB HDD be detected on startup again, but of course I lose the advantages of the 3.0 drivers.


      If I plug it into a 2.0 USB slot, the HDD works fine. Of course I lose the 3.0 advantages so this isn't really a solution.


      What I noticed is that my 3.0 USB HDD would actually show up in bios in the boot order before installing the Intel 3.0 drivers, but not anymore after installing the 3.0 drivers. I didn't know drivers can affect the bios even before Windows boots.


      I've tried reinstalling the Intel 3.0 USB driver, a couple times, which did not help. I also tried to see if there's drivers for my HDD (there is not).


      I also had the Extreme 4 AsRock mobo before this and had the same issue, so it does not seem like a mobo issue. I thought it might've been the mobo before getting a new one, turns out it's not.


      Can anyone help with this? Any way to keep the USB 3.0 drivers and fix the detection issue?

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