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    Windows 8.1 drivers for 2nd Generation Intel Core processors


      I have an Acer Aspire S3 which came with Windows 7 but has been running Windows 8.1 without problems from its launch until about a week ago.

      I was getting BSOD when trying to wake from sleep (DRIVE_POWER_STATE_FAILURE). Otherwise, it appeared to be running without issue.

      After failing to diagnose a specific software issue, I reinstalled Windows. I'm now running Windows 8 and the BSOD issue is fixed. However, I'd like to run Windows 8.1

      The Acer website tells me I can upgrade to 8.1, but has a warning message: "Intel® does not supply drivers for computers with 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM (i3, i5 or i7-2xxx), Pentium® dual-core G6 or G8, or Celeron® G4, G5 or 8 series processors."

      I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me whether this statement is correct, and whether it means I should avoid upgrading to Windows 8.1

      Processor: Intel(R) Corei7_2637M

      Graphics: Intel(R)   HD Graphics 3000