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    Partition cloning vs whole disk cloning


      If I am just wanting to get my OS transferred to a new SSD can't I just clone the main partition 'C:OS_Install' (for example) to the new SSD? The big main partition on my HDD called 'C:OS_Install' is the only partition

      that has in red letters next to it saying 'boot up' when my cursor is scrolled over it. All other smaller partitions labeled 'other' that have sizes of 300MB to 900MB for example. Do those smaller partitions matter to be included in the clone over or not? Or do all the partitions on the HDD need to be cloned over to the SSD for everything to work properly?


      All I'm wanting to do here is transfer my OS to my new intel SSD which has 223 GB of space available, and my HDD (in full) has only 212 GB now but still says 'insufficient disk space' when I try to make the full clone. Is the main partition the only real partition that needs to be cloned or do I need all of it?


      Any help appreciated, thanks