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    Intel Motherboard Warranty


      I want to ask a question, what is warranty?  Warranty is what?


      I have a Intel DG45ID Montherboard, which bought from 2 months ago.  I used for my HTPC. Last week end, when I watch a movie, suddenly my TV ddin't have any signal, after checking, I found that it is my Intel Motherboard problem.   I took the motherboard goto find HK distributor, but they said: "Sorry, I can't help you to pass this motherboard goto Intel, because Intel will not accept any damage they found it in motherboard."  How come they can't repair?  How come they can't replace a new one to me?  What service?  OK, I phoned to HK Intel Customer Service, they also said that stupid reason.  They said it is caused by my power supply, why they sure that it is my problem?   Maybe it is caused by quality problem.  Why INTEL CS said that they didn't have any other case like this, they believe it is not INTEL problem.  What a **** reason.  INTEL CS told me if you use it under normal situation, then the problem will not happened.  oh, my god, what is normal situation?  I just watch movie, browsing, is it not a normal situation?


      I just want to know, the warranty service is what?  what is the meaning of warranty?   I tried to use ASUS, MSI products before, if I have problem, they will help me to repair, but why INTEL this BIG company will not accept.  Actually I doubt that is my power supply problem, so I tried to install my power supply to another system, running for 2 whole days, it works, no any problem.  In this case, I'm totally disappointed.  INTEL provide this kind of service.  It make me so angry.  I will not buy any INTEL motherboard in future.  Every body please be carefully, INTEL warranty = NO WARRANTY