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    Intel Graphic Control Panel Duplicated




      I am wondering if anyone can help me on this issue. After installing the latest Intel driver from the official website, I decided to re-install the driver back to the original OEM driver from Sony ( I am using the Vaio Pro 13)


      However, when everything is done. I find my Intel graphic control panel is duplicated and I am not sure what to do to make it just a single graphic control panel. I did try uninstalling from the device manager panel including the software uninstalling, but after re-installing the OEM driver from Sony I am still getting the same result. Can anyone help me on this?


      I am using Windows 8.1


      *Below is the picture showing the duplicate. Sorry I was still using the Chinese version when I was installing the driver, but from the icon you can clearly see that there are two control panel that does exactly the same thing..