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    the dx79si board... and it's everlasting problems

    richard k

      so, despite what other users have already said on other posts, about the dx79xx failed to boot except if powered down completely first; problems with usb ports, firmware upgrades, random reboots, psu workarounds, random memtest fails, xms3 profiles that won't work, well, you name it - hey, i'm talking about a box that had/has linux (debian, arch, fedora) and windows (7, 8) and the issues are all there - and NOW i have a shiny new problem to add to my list: updating the bios firmware - it simply won't. it doesn't matter if i use a usb disk, mechanical or solid state for the builtin flash software or the "recommended" windows executable: as long as my bios is 0594, it won't go anywhere i want. and hey, it's july, some months have passed since 0640 was released and i still can't update it. still. can't.


      is there some another workaround for this? or i should just silently wish i could go back in time and buy another lga 2011 motherboard -- as long as it isn't built by intel?