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    D54250WYKH sometimes fail to detect USB 3.0 HDD



      Windows 7, 32 bits

      D54250WYKH with latest BIOS, latest drivers

      Buffalo 1TB MiniStation™ Extreme USB 3.0 Portable HDD connected directly to one of the NUC's USB ports



      I experience some intermittent USB HDD detection issues. The HDD is directly plugged into one of the D54250WYKH's 4 USB ports. When I start (or wake Windows up), the HDD LED remains off, which means no connectivity.


      First thing is to unplug the HDD and plug it back into the same USB port - same result: no connectivity.


      Then, I try to swap 2 USB ports, for example my USB keyboard on another port and the HDD on this port. Then both items will be properly discovered.


      The ultimate troubleshoot is to reboot Windows, and the HDD will be detected, whatever the USB port.



      There is no issue with a particular NUC USB port, I tried different ports and get the same behavior. I'd say it happens 3-4 times every 10 daily wake-up from sleep.



      Any hint on what might be causing the issue ? Drivers? Note: I have ruled out the USB cable as the potential source of the issue. I use the USB cable which is embedded inside the USB HDD (see picture below), without any extension cable.



      When the problem occurs, is there anything in Windows I could check?


      Have the NUC USB ports been designed for Reliability / Durability?


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