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    QST/Controlling Fan Speed


      I have a DG45FC, but this probably pertains to many boards. Has anyone been able to determine any use of "QST" other than being a barely explained feature that affects fan speed in a way you have no control over?  In my case I have a spec 3000rpm case fan, which runs at 2200rpm with QST enabled (when it's disabled it runs properly at 3000rpm). Just figuring out that that my fan wasn't malfunctioning and that I could go into the ME BIOS setup and turn this QST feature off and have the fan run as desired wasn't an easy thing to figure out. The extent of the motherboard's documentation on the matter is a bullet in the specs: "• Intel® Quiet System Technology (Intel® QST) fan speed control".  On top of that, I can see empirically that if QST is disabled none of the software for displaying sensor information--fan speed, temperature readings, whatever--will work when QST is disabled, so that's not a great option either. What kind of nonsense is this.

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          Hi there,


          In the maintenance mode, it is advisable to enable the Unlock QST if you are using any monitoring software
          Note: Yes option allows the fan control settings to be changed using software.


          How to go in the maintenance mode: change bios jumper to configuration mode. Refer to manual for more information.



          Then Go on MEB BIOS Ctrl + P
          Intel Me State Control : Enabled
          Intel Me features >> Intel Quiet System Technology:  Enabled


          Note: Enables or disables Intel® Quiet System Technology (IQST). IQST is intelligent system fan speed control algorithms that use operating temperature ranges more efficiently to reduce perceived system noise by minimizing fan speed changes.


          Hope this helps. Yes, you are right sometimes it is very confusing. Hope someone else has some more information for us.


          Some board needs to have the settings enabled in the Bios in order to access it.
          Bios >> Boot Configuration >> Intel ME Setup Prompt: Enable.



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            OK, there was another discussion with people talking about QST and you replied with the same stock response.


            You say: "Note: Yes option allows the fan control settings to be changed using software."


            Just what software? You refer to some unnamed, unknown software, what good is that. The option says "unlock QST" and there's no explanation what this is or what can be done with it. As far as I can tell there's no apparent effect of switching this to unlock, there's no observable difference. My original problem is QST has no documented behavior, all it does it cut the fan speed down to some random, likely undesirable speed and turning it off makes monitoring software not work.


            "Note: Enables or disables Intel® Quiet System Technology (IQST). IQST is intelligent system fan speed control algorithms that use operating temperature ranges more efficiently to reduce perceived system noise by minimizing fan speed changes." This is a rather bogus proposition. I have seen various internal temperatures rise without this changing any fan speeds. This might be conceptually possible if there was some ability to configure a temperature response curve or anything, but as it stands I can't see QST being anything other than "cuts your fan speed to some arbitrary value and keeps it there forever, and if you turn it off the thermal sensors are inaccessible--including from the BIOS screen".

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              I've had similar problems to you mooboo. I have a DP43TF.


              Unfortunately it appears to me that QST is not yet suitable for small businesses and hobbyists. I am sure that if you are able to get the right software you can set it up beautifully though and that so long as you don't need to replace any fans in your big name computer system it will run fine.


              I would class myself as a hobbyist and occasionally a super quiet system provider and even after a lot of googling I have not found the software I need to simply set my fans up correctly with QST or to disable QST and go back to my old solution. At the moment with QST the CPU fan runs uncesesarily fast and the front intake goes off and on ad infinitum, which isn't at all annoying.


              The fan that QST intermitently powers worked at low RPM just beauitfully making scarecely any noise and providing more than adequate airflow when I was using speedfan and the linux fan control systems in software. I've sadly lost out and ended up with a noisier system by getting a QST Intel board.


              I've tried using the Intel Integrator Toolkit to set the system up after seeing that at one point you could do this with the system under it's older name (Advanced Fan Speed Control?) and it appears the functionality has disapeared.


              With a little software and support, QST could be absolutely fantastic. Come on Intel!!

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                I have an Intel DG33FB desktop board and my Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU) show a very low Processor Fan speed of 895 RPM instead of the average 4000 or maximun 8000. Can I change that fan speed with any jumper on the board? IDU does not seem to have any option to control the fan speed. Thanks.

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                  Yeah, pretty terrible isn't it. You select fans with a certain RPM and find out the motherboard's trying to do you a favor by sending 4V instead of 12V and you get ludicrously low fan speeds. In concept this is tuneable, some documentation refers to a good-sounding model of how it works internally (PID controller). Instead of exposing it in any useable, adjustable way to the owner you get nothing except unacceptable fan speeds. Good they spent the effort.


                  (Instead of basic practical things they've obviously invested large efforts into developing things the management engine, a complicated, out-of-band-from-the-OS way to remotely acces a computer, thus providing a nice opportunity for a new class of security vulnerabilities. Hello, ever heard of SSH or any of the other software this is redundant with?)


                  Anyway, on the DG45FC and maybe this is the same for yours, if you go into the ME configuration and disable QST your fans will get the regular voltage and run at spec'd speed. If you use the Intel utilities for monitoring temperature sensors, RPMs, etc., that will cease working when QST is turned off (in my experience so far).

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                    Intel(R) QST is a software subsystem that runs on the Intel(R) Management Engine (ME). This subsystem is responsible for both health monitoring and fan speed control. If you disable QST via MEBX, you will lose both the health monitoring and fan speed control capabilities. While this does result in the fans running at 100%, it also means that no temperature, voltage or fan speed readings will be available either.


                    QST is designed to make the system as quiet as possible, while still meeting thermal requirements. Its fan speed control algorithms attempt to minimize acoustics and psycho-acoustics (that's the elimination of patterned noise, etc.). I am unsure why you would want your fans to be running at full speed all the time. If QST is slowing the fans down, then a (higher) cooling capacity is unnecessary.


                    I have seen a lot of people raising concern about the magnitude of temperature reading. What you need to understand is that, unlike the past (upon which so many folk's paradigms are based, unfortunately), many of the temperature sensors available today (and especially those within the chipset and processor) are located at die hotspots. This means that the readings will be far higher that those seen in the past - but this is not indicative of any problem. In the case of the (desktop) processor, when dies are being tested and packaged, the temperature that the processor can sustain for its warranted lifetime is fused into the part. QST reads this temperature and ensures that the processor's temperature is held at or below this temperature...

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                      Intel(R) QST provides a security capability that ensures that malicious software cannot get in and disable fan control, turn off fans or something equally dangerous. If you unlock QST, you are allowing runtime software to perform these kinds of operations. As a result, it is recommended that you unlock QST only when and while you need the ability to alter its configuration...