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    Bluetooth sporadic on NUC N2820FYKH0 Wireless N-7260 Windows 8.1


      I just setup an Intel NUC N2820FYKH0 with Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.  It has an Intel Wireless N-7260 WiFi / Bluetooth adapter.  I have installed the latest Bluetooth Driver 17.0.1405.460 and Wireless driver  The WiFi works well with good throughput and signal strength.  The Bluetooth will allow me to pair a keyboard and mouse but randomly / sporadically drops the connection and reconnects.  This makes the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse unusable. 


      This does not appear to be signal strength related because this sporadic connections occur even in close proximity to the NUC.  The SYSTEM Event log contains Warning Event ID 2 from HidBth - "Bluetooth HID device either went out of range or became unresponsive."  I have disassembled the NUC and verified and reconnected the Bluetooth card and the antennas.


      I have verified that the problem is not the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse by connecting via Bluetooth to my Thinkpad T440p which has an AC-7260 card.  The keyboard and mouse work very well even from 10 or more feet away from the notebook.  I have tried disabling the WiFi on the NUC to see if it is interfering with the Bluetooth signal and the problem remains.  I have tried other drivers with no effect.  I have power cycled the NUC after any Bluetooth changes.


      Any suggestions?