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    IntelR centrino advanced N6205 cannot communicate with an Teltonica 3,4G router


      We have a major issue with a Dell Lattitude XT3 witha IntelR centrino advanced N6205 wifi unit. We want this Wifi unit to connect with a Teltonica 3,4G router. This does not work, although it says it is fully functional When we do a pin test it says that everything works fine, but the last ping says that there is "default gateway DHCP server". The Teltonica is fully functional as we can connect with a range of other computers. We can also connect Dell Lattitute XT3/Intel centrino advanced N6205 to other home routers without any issue. So the compurt, the WIFI unit and Teltonica router are fundamentally functional.

      We did single variable test with a nearly identicall Dell Lattitude XT3 but with a DW1501 wireless-N-WLAN half minicard and the WIFI connection with the Teltonica router works perfectly.

      According to the computer the latest drivers are fully up to date.

      We are confused and frustrated as we do not know what to do next.