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    D945PVS Won't boot from SATA with PATA drive installed


      I am tearing my hair out on this one. I have a D945PVS motherboard that works fine with its original 80GB SATA drive as the primary drive and two CD/DVD drives installed on the single-channel PATA interface. For what it's worth, the OS is Windows XP Pro SP3. No matter what I do or how I set the boot sequence, if I install an IDE drive as either the master or slave on the PATA interface the system board tries to to boot from the IDE drive and ignores the SATA drive. It makse no difference whether or not there is a system or bootable partition on the IDE drive - of course if there isn't it just throws a boot device failure.


      If anyone can tell me how to get around this it would be very much appreciated - I've also tried varous SATA drives thrown in the mix in case the boot record on the SATA drive has somethng to do with it but it doesn't seem to affect anything. The board's bios simply seems to be "hard wired" to boot from the PATA controller if it finds a hard disk attached...


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.